"Happy Goat" is a family owned goat farm and cheese production based in the village of Veliki Gaj in Serbia, close to the border with Romania.
In 2012. the idea was born to establish a farm and start with production of goat milk products.
We wanted our animals that live on the farm to be ‘happy’, as only ‘happy’ goats provide healthy and top quality milk, and as the result, the name of the brand ‘Happy goat’ was born and first products offered to the market in 2014.

The core of our product assortment is the range of semi hard goat cheese.
Cheese is made from 100% goat milk at our farm, while the experts are taking the best care of the goats to keep them happy and to keep our milk to be top quality.Today, ’Happy Goat’ is a team of people committed to their work scope in different fields: starting from production, cheese technology, marketing, up to sales.The quality of our products is our top priority and the smile of our customers will always be a motive for us to be better and more creative.